What Donald Trump’s candidacy has truly intended for his business empire


Early on in the presidential campaign, some pundits claimed that Donald Trump‘s candidacy was only a fleeting attempt that would make little impact on the race, but could finally bring more focus and sales to the Trump company conglomerate.

But more than a year after, both of those notions may be incorrect.

Foursquare, a place-based program whereby users can “check in” to various companies and eateries, released fascinating data on Thursday demonstrating that foot traffic to Trump-branded companies seems to have fallen significantly during the presidential campaign.

Before, Foursquare and its sister program, Swarm, have figured out how particular companies are performing by scouring their information on the foot traffic of more than 50 million users, which contains both “check ins” at various companies and place-based data for those who enable the program to get their place in the background.

The business correctly called a large fall in Chipotle‘s sales following a food poisoning scandal earlier this season, and successfully predict how many iPhones Apple would sell after the start of its 6S. Now it’s using the same strategy to analyze Trump’s companies.

“Since springtime, it is dropped more,” the firm says.

Trump’s companies did not find the increases in foot traffic they normally do during the summer of 2015, Foursquare said.

As voters in states around the nation went to the primaries this spring things seemed to get worse.

The data clearly just signifies individuals using Swarm and Foursquare, which will be a select group.

The firm says that it’s normalised that data against amounts in the US census to remove sex and age prejudice, but that urban dwellers are still over-represented within their figures.

In blue states, the properties of Trump have found foot traffic decrease by more in relation to the national average, for example dropping 20 per cent year-on-year in July 2016.

Foursquare‘s investigation also reveals this fall continues to be especially driven by girls, who tend to have more unfavourable views of Trump than guys, surveys reveal.

Visits by women to casinos, Trump resorts and golf courses have dropped by almost one third this spring.

The Trump Organisation failed to promptly respond to requests for comment.