Dragon City Guide for Newbies

Dragon City2

Welcome towards the Dragon City Information! I’ll give you details about the game which I will be separating them into different components for easier understanding.

You will find 8 fundamental components for those dragons within the game. They’re Light and Terra, Fire, Water, Nature, Electric, Ice, Steel. After you have gotten some uncommon dragons for example Cool Fire Dragon or Football Dragon, you’ll possess an opportunity to reproduce a brand new type of Renowned dragons.


Today each component has their particular habitats. Each environment has cons and pros. The first Terra environment includes a reduced gold limit (500) however the terra dragon has large platinum/minute gained. The ocean environment includes a greater gold limit (7500) however the sea dragon has reduced platinum/minute potential. The best solution is to always reproduce equally together to obtain possibly fountain or dirt dragon so they could be place in the ocean environment.
Fire, Sea, Ice,Nature, Metal, Light and undoubtedly Renowned have good silver hats. You’ll wish to place the majority of your dragons to generate lots of platinum. I’d not suggest having way too many Terra habitats whatsoever if you are not an active gamer.

By placing your dragons within the environment, you generate platinum. Each dragon makes a specific amount of platinum/minute. To improve the quantity of platinum/minute they generate, you’ll need to level-up your small infants by giving them food.


To be able to supply your dragons, you’ll need to develop facilities. Facilities could be improved later to grow food. (Takes too much time to grow food? 100% working dragon city hack tool here)
Probably the most effective method to utilize your platinum to develop food at the start may be the dragon bells that is 30-second. It is not an issue to which food you develop when you obtain a large amount of platinum.


An effective way to achieve expertise would be to keep promoting it and purchasing a plantation. So as long as you have platinum, you are able to acquire expertise quickly by carrying it out over and over again.

Purchase Food Plantation -“>> 100 gold and 100 Exp -“>> Market Food Plantation -“>> 50 gold price for 50 Exp. You may also do this for Large Food Plantation.


Each level you acquire opens new habitats once you reach a particular level and provides you with 1 jewel.